Friday, May 8, 2015

Textile Collection

Happenings at the Museum

On Mondays the Museum is now open from 10-3.   A dedicated group of volunteers have been working on the Textile Collection, taking an inventory, photographing each item, and then appropriately labeling them.  If you have any vintage clothes, uniforms, or quilts that you have been wanting to donate, now would be the time to do it!  We are also in need of wooden hangers, and any spare muslin material that you might have to make ‘archival’ hangers and garment covers for our military uniforms.  Muslin is non-acidic, stable and provides a buffer against light, humidity and contaminants, and is used by museums for textile conservation and preservation.  These padded hangers and garment bags can range, if we buy them, from $40 each and up, so a considerable amount of money can be saved by the ladies, led by Nancy King, sewing and making our own. Our collection of wedding dresses is kept in archival boxes which cost about $80 @ but we feel that this cost is justified to preserve these treasures.  

Here are some of our photos.