Monday, May 18, 2015

News 1880's and Bad Grammar

Misc news from the Robinson Constitution

July 3, 1879
The editor of the Lawrenceville Herald say that if "there are no good looking young men in Robinson, and the girls are anxious to be pleased,"We should import some from Lawrenceville! Oh dear! Well now  Mister editor, you don't say so.

Dec 24, 1879
A.H. Barrett has established a new saw-mill on the bank of the Embarrass, in Lawrence county.

Apr 14, 1880
The Rev. May, of Lawrence county, gave a public reading Friday night last, at the M.E. church, in this place, for the benefit of the People's Library. The gentleman acquitted himself very well. There was quite a good attendance of our citizens.

AUG. 4, 1880
Dr. Stephens will "pull teeth" at Lawrenceville this week

Jan 5, 1881
The personal property of the late Thomas G. Cecil, of Lawrence county, will be sold on the 19th inst. This will be the largest sale of personal property that has taken place in this part of the country in years.

Jan 12, 1881
Frank Meserve well known in this place, has purchased an interest in the Lawrenceville Herald. Frank is a smart, shrewd young man and we expect to see him make a success of the paper.

Jan 26, 1881
The ladies of Lawrenceville will give a festival next Wednesday for the benefit of the cemetery at that place.

FEB 2, 1881
Jack Rabbit, the Lawrence county pacing horse, sold for $450.

APR 27, 1881
No saloons in Lawrence county this year

July 20, 1881
Sheriff Ryan, of Lawrenceville, united with the Christian church, at the above place a few nights ago and was baptized in the river by W. F. Black.

Sep 28, 1881
Dr. Burn Stephens has been pulling teeth at Lawrenceville this week.

Jan 18, 1882
It is reported that there is a genuine case of smallpox in the vicinity of Bird's Station, 12 or 15 mile south of here. The person affected is the son of Daniel Cochran.

Sep 13, 1882

William Robinson, a prominent attorney of Lawrenceville, had a gold watch and some thirty odd dollars in money stolen from him at the fairgrounds during the re-union last week. (Wilder Brigade Re-union at Robinson Sep 6-7-8th.)

And in the Bad grammar department:

Dec 21, 1881
Two hundred and fifty head of cattle were driven through town on Wednesday by Lawrence county farmers. They were being taken to Champaign county. The majority of them were very scrubby stock.  (Ed: Hopefully the writer was referring to the cattle and not the Lawrence County farmers....)

July 20, 1881
A farmer in Lawrence county, on the Palestine and Lawrenceville road has this notice posted up in his field, "If any man's or woman's cow or oxen gits in these here oats, his and her tail will be cut off, as the case may be." (Ed: I am not even going to touch this one....)