Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mothers Day Gifts

Perfect gift for Mothers Day!

If you love the blog, why not give MOM two of our books, Lawrence Lore #1 and #2 for Mothers Day.   We have had Lawrence Lore #1 reprinted; this is the third time…it’s a hot seller! Lawrence Lore #2 is a perfect complement with even more great history of Lawrence County.  Both books are $20 each. You can order them on- line at our website: with your paypal account or you may pick them up at the Museum on Mondays 10-3 and the Genealogy Library Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 2-4. Both books are great for genealogists or just history-lovers. 

Notes and comments from past weeks blogs:
Bob S commented about the Black History newspaper article wherein the editor notes that some of the black voters were going to vote the Democratic ticket.  "To give the 1882 item about Blacks deciding to vote Democratic some context, you might note that the Republican Party was the party of African Americans immediately after the Civil War. The party of Lincoln engineered Reconstruction, sent Federal troops to protect freed Blacks from the KKK, and ensured they could vote and hold office. So the GOP had a lot of good will with African Americans. But ultimately, like all political parties, after 20 years in power it began taking its supporters for granted."

Additionally a reader asked where the old Fair Grounds was located that was mentioned in the 1880's. newspaper.  David B says the 1875 Atlas shows 8.75 acres of Fairground on the east side of Porter between Heilman and Austin Streets in Lawrenceville.  This is  the block where the Armory now sits.

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