Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LTHS 1943 Happenings

Board of Education for LTHS in 1943 consisted of JJ Stillwell, Pearley Wells, SE Jones, TL Andrews, and BO Sumner; the Principal was MN Todd.
 Expenditures for July 1943 other than utility bills:   Adam Weiss. Local drycleaner, cleaned the band suits for $36.70.  The hiring of a new teacher, Mr. Ratliff resulted in the Board paying him $75 for moving expenses to Lawrenceville. The school holidays for that year would be Labor Day, Armistice Day (Nov 11) Thanksgiving Vacation, Christmas (Dec 23-Jan 3), April 7 (Good Friday), and Memorial Day.

In Aug 1943 the Board voted for a new roof on the main auditorium of the old building and to replace all skylights with new ones.  Also a leave of absence for the duration of the war was granted to Don Osborn, an instructor who had been inducted into service that summer.  MW Wade, who was on leave of absence had stated that he would return to teach the next year.

In Sept 1943 the board voted to allow the daughter of Lester Barrackman to be transferred to the Vincennes High school, and to also purchase a new mimeograph machine.  The librarian was encouraged to purchase new books for the library but not to exceed $500.

Nov 1943 Harold A Moore asked for a leave of absence to go into in the navy. The principal told the board that the school needed only a hand operated mimeograph machine which would be ample to take care of the needs of the school.  The typewriters though needed to be put in first class condition by the factory.

March 1943 Delta Tau Sorority was charged $10 for the use of the gymnasium for the George Field show.

April 1944   J J Mowrey was paid $107 to haul 56.7 tons of coal

May 1944 The board was told that George Field is operating a Federal Job Instruction Training course and the state had asked the high school to pay the instructors. The State agreed to refund the money to the school district. (Hmmmm  does this sound familiar)

June 1944  Paint was purchased so the janitors could start summer work on the building.

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