Monday, May 4, 2015

Flood on Allison Prairie 1937

Vincennes Sun Commercial May 3, 1937 

Heavy downpours reported. The rainfall started here Saturday afternoon at five o'clock and continued without abating through Saturday night and Sunday until late evening. Flood prospects were considerably increased and River bottom farmers are becoming apprehensive.

West of Vincennes on Allison Prairie many acres of wheat and oats were inundated as a result of the heavy Saturday night and Sunday rainfall. With floodgates along the Wabash River closed there is no outlet for floodwaters and the situation may become serious. Much of the wheat which survived the January high water is ready to joint, and if the water continues to cover the wheat for the next few days it is impossible to estimate the extent of damage, especially at this season of the year when hot weather is due. 

The lower River Road on the Illinois side of the Wabash is inundated over a large stretch, shutting off traffic for farmers living in the flood menaced area. Their only outlet is over intersecting highways which lead off from the River Road and cross the Levee to connect with other roads in Allison Township.