Thursday, May 14, 2015

Don't Eat the Bread

From "The Evening Times" of Scranton PA, 4 Oct 1883  -- 

Six People Poisoned by Mistake. 
Vincennes, Ind Oct 4 1883 

Mrs. John Wellman of Allison, Ill by mistake put arsenic instead of soda in a batch of bread yesterday. An entire family of six persons were poisoned and Mrs Wellman will die. 

Ed Note: And you thought your mother was a bad cook.......the real issue is:
 Is Mrs Wellman going to die because of the arsenic or because of the husband's wrath?

Thank you to the Daily Record, Amy Large for her excellent article about the Historical Society and two other news releases about our Photo Contest and Cemetery Tour.  And by the way, Barbara Allender of the Sumner Press took the photo of Paul Spangler and the Spot Cafe sign in the museum...I guess she just forgot to mention the Society owns this iconic sign.