Thursday, May 7, 2015

Deaths and Marriages

Because the US census for 1890 is missing, and the death records in Lawrence County only begin in 1879 with not all of those early years being recorded even at that, when we find evidence of deaths occurring around this period we try to publish it, in hopes it will help some genealogist.  (If it helps YOU please let us know.)

These were found by D Foote in researching the Robinson Constitution.

Reports of deaths
JAN 16, 1879
The Lawrenceville Herald says that M. O. Donnell, a former merchant of Bridgeport, was frozen to death, last Saturday, near the latter place

JAN 23, 1880
Mrs. Elizabeth Lindley, of Lawrenceville, while laboring under a fit of insanity, drowned herself in the Embarrass river, last week, near that town.

AUG 18, 1880
John Wright, a blacksmith, of Lawrenceville, was killed last week, by a grinding stone bursting on which he was sharpening a plow.

FEB 9, 1881
William Garrard, late editor of the Lawrenceville Herald, died Sunday last.
(Lawrenceville cemetery Irene Black book page 258 Will Garrard, died Feb 6, 1881 age 29 years, 7 months 2 days.) 

JUN 1, 1881
Capt. Phillips, of Lawrence county, well known in the south part of this county, died suddenly a few days ago

SEPT 14, 1881
John Thompson, of Lawrence county, well known in this county, died some days ago.
(According to the Death record filed in the Lawrence County court house, John Thompson was a farmer who died at the age of 46 years, 11 mo on Sept 2, 1881. He was being treated by Dr H M Smith for Dysentery for which  Smith  had had for about 20 days when he passed away.  He was buried on Sept 4, 1881 by undertakers Gardner & Sons, Undertakers  of Vincennes in Phelps (Centerville cemetery) You can visit his grave on our cemetery tour!

NOV 2, 1881
M. E. Barnes, of Bridgeport, committed suicide some days ago. He was a prominent citizen of Lawrence county.
Coroner's inquest October 20, 1881 Moses E Barnes
He came to his death by a pistol shot from his own hand brought about by financial embarrassment. Inquest held at Bridgeport.

Editor's note the 1880 census lists a 52-year-old Moses E Barnes living in Lawrenceville with his wife Jane and seven children; his occupation is given as 'dry goods merchant.' He is buried at White House cemetery.

Nov 17, 1880

The mother of Miss Mary Buntin, editor of the Lawrenceville Rural, died last week.

May 31, 1882

Mrs. Sam B. Day, the wife of the editor of the Lawrenceville Rural Republican, died last week of consumption. Mrs. Day was a sister of Miss Mary Buntin, who formerly edited the Rural, and who died of the same disease a few  years since.

March 14, 1883

Mrs Allison, an old lady, mother of ex-sheriff Allison of Lawrence county, died last Saturday and was buried last Sunday at Shimer grave-yard in Lawrence county.( Ed Note:  The Irene Black Book does not list a Shimer cemetery, however a family of Shimers are buried at St Paul Cemetery in Russell Township. Does anyone know if Shimer cemetery is another name for ST Paul?)

NOV 26, 1879
The editor of the Lawrenceville Herald, Mr. Will M. Garrard, was married the 18th inst., to Miss Zilpha Barrett.

FEB 11, 1881
A correspondent to the Lawrenceville Herald, writing from Bird's Station, says Marion Mills and Miss Alice Pickern were married last Thursday night by Rev. J.J. Lockhart. Fully two hundred persons took supper at the Doctor's. All the ELITE of Lawrence and Crawford counties were in attendance.