Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Civil War Photos and John Newell

Have you stopped by to the see  ALL the photos of Civil War soldiers from Lawrence County.  We started with 4 photos, and N King  now has more than 150 mounted and displayed. That's about 10% of the number of men and boys who enlisted in the Union. The bios for the 1500 or so Lawrence County soldiers are also almost completed. The researchers deserve a big round of applause for their dedication and diligence over the last four years in completing this project.  If you see Mike Neal, Dan Scherer, Flossie Price, Joyce Brunson, or John King, tell them so.      

       Several local men joined Co A 11th Missouri Infantry with W. E. Panabaker in July of 1861 at Sumner. John A Newell and his younger brother, Thomas were two  of them.  John joined for 3 years as a private,  enrolled July 20 and mustered in August 3, 1861. He was a 45 year old farmer, 5’ 7 ½” tall  with light hair, gray eyes and sandy complexion.  His nephew, Hiram told a story in his old age about remembering when his uncles were in the war. He said he was small   ” when they came to conscript his father for military service.  A man came to their house riding a great big horse.” Hiram was an admirer of horses and he tried to be very friendly to the man. But when he found his mission was to take his father his attitude changed completely.   “Why aren’t you in the army?” the man demanded. The little boy’s  father answered “ I have 2 brothers in the army and 6 brothers-in-law and four women here with no one to see after them and I concluded I had enough to do” The man agreed and rode on his way.   

There are several Civil War soldiers buried at Centerville Cemetery.  Have you purchased your tickets yet?  See website for directions to cemetery, and places where tickets may be purchased.  Yes I know it says it will rain, but maybe it won't, and if it does we will have it the following Saturday.