Friday, May 1, 2015

Bird Station News

From the Robinson Constitution    (The paper consistently called the community Bird Station, not Birds

BIRD STATION -April 11, 1883
The iron bridge across the river, near Charlottville, will be completed the first of July. The bridge abutments and grading will, all told, cost about seven thousand dollars.

Dr. Lindsay is the Republican candidate for supervisor in this (Bond) Twp.

Dr. McGowen, of Flat Rock, has several patients in Lawrence county. The Dr. is building up a large practice in the two counties.

Mr. Gosnell is doing nothing at his mill and we doubt if he ever does. Why do not some of our business men take this in hand?

Lewis Smith will sell all his personal property next Friday at public sale.

Our town was almost all under water to-day. If our business men would spend a little cash in ditching, etc., it would be very beneficial.

Pension agents were in our midst last week. All applicants around here were very poorly at that time.

April 25, 1883-Bird Station
Jo Johnson and Flem are circulating a petition to take the P. O.  (post office) from Sam Pinkstaff, but it won't work boys.

One of the abutments for the iron bridge on the Ambraw has broke in two places. It will very likely have to be taken out and rebuilt. If the commissioners had have spent a hundred dollars or so more on the foundation this would not have happened.

Howard Mullins and a man by the name of Moore have taken out a license to sell liquor, by the gallon at this place.

June 6, 1883-Bird Station
The wheat crop is going to be very light in Bond. There will be a larger acreage of corn planted than usual.

The frame work of the grist mill is up. We may have a mill here yet.

Bird Eye has a colored resident.

Another new store in town, making seven in all.

The partnership heretofore between the U.S.Government and Moore, in liquor traffic, is dissolved. Moore still draws on the business at the old stand.