Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Flood in 1922 on Allison Prairie Interfered with Funeral

Vincennes Commercial
High Water May Interfere with Funeral: Casket and Vault Will Have to be Taken by Motor Boat from Pinkstaff to Centerville Today     (Philip Moore died on April 21, 1922.)

Because of the flood waters covering Allison Prairie, considerable difficulty is being encountered in completing arrangements for the burial of Phillip Moore, highly respected citizen of Centerville whose death occurred at the home of Mrs. John Gerhart, sister of Mr. Moore, living a short distance from Centerville, after an illness of several weeks duration.

During the past couple of days the visit of the physician to the bedside of Mr Moore was made in a gasoline launch, the roads leading to the home being submerged by the flooding waters.

The problem now is how to get the casket and vault to Centerville in time for burial.  M W Warner, local funeral director to reach the scene to prepare the body for burial went to Pinkstaff on the train and made the trip to Centerville in a motor boat.  It will be necessary to take the casket and vault there in the same way.  Owing to the weight of the vault, which is about 750 pounds, it is feared difficulty may be encountered to get a boat of sufficient size to carry it.

 Funeral services will be conducted from the Gerhart home Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock and burial made in the Centerville Cemetery. Mr. Moore is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Albert Burrell, of this city and Mrs. Susan Gerhart with whom he made his home. 

This story and many others will be told at the  Lawrence County Historical Society Centerville Cemetery tour. The date is Saturday May 30 from 10:00-11:15.  In addition to 'some gossip from the graves' by Cyndi Seabrook and Donna Burton, Larry Curry will share  the story of the black Day Cemetery across the road.  Refreshments will be served at the Allison Church of the Brethren and Noble Brown will show photos of the church building's relocation from the middle of Centerville to its present location. Tickets will be $10 and can be purchased beginning May 15. Remenber last time we were sold out, so you may want to get yours early. Information will be forthcoming as to locations to purchase the tickets, but you may also purchase them using PayPal on our website: www.lawrencelore.org