Sunday, April 26, 2015

TaDa...and the Winners are....

Saturday May 26, eight members of the Lawrence County Historical Society as well as Sheriff Adams and his wife attended the Illinois State Historical Society’s Annual Award luncheon, held in the Foundation Room of the Old State Capitol in Springfield. Immediately following were the Award presentations upstairs in the House of Representatives.

I am proud to announce that our website (and remember that is different from this blog) took the highest award for best website treating themes in Illinois history---that of superior achievement, serving as a model for the profession.  The site was evaluated for scope, quality of data, effectiveness of presentation, user accessibility, and relevance of subject. 

Unfortunately two of our nominations were forced to compete against each other in the special project category that increased awareness of state and local history, developed and implemented to achieve a specific purpose.  But happily both of them won!  The George Bopp Fallen Officer memorial brought home an award of  superior achievement while the vintage wedding event-Wedding Memories Through the Ages- received a Certification of Excellence, recognizing a work of exemplary quality showing considerable creativity, serious scholarship and efficient utilization of resources.

For me to list all the people who helped with these projects would be impossible, but you know who you are, and I thank you! They could NOT have been done without YOU! (If you missed these great events you can see them on our award winning website.)

What this says is that the Lawrence County Historical Society is not only recognized locally as an organization deserving your support but also statewide.   Why not become a member? Join today! Send your check for $25 an individual or $25 a family to PO Box 425, Lawrenceville Il 62439.

If you are already a member, we will happily accept a donation as a congratulatory gift.

E White, D Burton, N King, K Borden, and R Adams
accepting awards at the Illinois State Historical Society Annual Awards Luncheon