Wednesday, April 29, 2015

School Collection and Birds Cheerleaders

Happenings at the Museum:

The museum will now be open on Monday’s 10-3.  As more volunteers are trained, we hope to increase the days we will be open but for now stop by and see us on Mondays. 

A busy group has been cataloguing the school collection for the past 2 months.  As you know 750 photos were scanned and are available for sale on a CD ($10) of all the photographs we had of the 76 country schools in 2011. Since then our collection has grown, not only of the country schools but of all the high schools and ‘town’ elementary schools. We have a large collection of yearbooks, and teachers’ ledger books, and we have just posted our diplomas and varsity letter collection on line on our website    Go to the Collection drop down menu and click Artifacts and you will find them.  We are not biased in our choice of varsity letters, but we have NO varsity letters from any other school except BTHS, so if you graduated from LTHS or St F or SHS, and have an extra varsity letter laying around you might consider donating it to our collection. 

There is still a lot of work to do from polishing trophies so they can be photographed; checking yearbooks for business ads; matching teachers named on unidentified photos with the superintendent’s lists of teachers employed at each school; sorting through some boxes of school records and organizing them; and scanning photos. So if any of this interests you, please come by on Monday and volunteer.

Interesting Notes: 

RR Kimmel was County Superintendent of Schools in 1910-1911. There were 80 schools in the county and 136 teachers at that time.
Bethany School was previously called Cornbread School, and Rich Valley was called Buckwheat.

Here is a 1972 photo of the Birds School cheerleaders:  Bottom Row Tracy Sims, Deana Butcher and Robin Lance. Second row are Debbie Rinsch and Velma Pond with Tena Davis on the top.