Monday, April 20, 2015

Railroads, Bird's Station and Dr Lindsay

Early Transportation News as found in the Robinson Constitution by D. Foote

Feb 14, 1878
The new iron bridge which spans the Ambraw at Lawrenceville, has been completed.

Dec 17, 1879
The Lawrenceville & St. Francisville railroad will be completed by the 21st inst. Regular trains will commence running through, we understand, to Cairo by the 1st of next month.

Ed Note: In our own County Anniversary Book (p 18) the following article is found:  Jan 1876 The Lawrenceville connection to Paris & Danville Railroad is competed under the  construction supervision of James Reilly. 

OCT 18, 1882
The railroad bridge is at last completed across the river at St. Francisville and trains now daily cross over it to Vincennes, hence the "bob tail" train from Vincennes has been discontinued.

March 21, 1883

The north bound local freight on the Wabash road was ditched Friday last below St. Francisville.

Bird’s Station was surveyed and platted in 1878.

Jun 8, 1881
The D. & S. W. R.R., propose to build a depot at Bird Station, in Lawrence County, if the citizens will donate $100 towards the same, which is fast being made up.

Jun 29, 1881
Another shooting scrape took place in Bond township, Lawrence County, last Thursday night at an exhibition. It seems that one Doug Pinkstaff went there for the purpose of whipping Ken Griffin who shot Mr. P. The ball lodging in the neck but done no great harm. Pinkstaff thought he was dying a few minutes after he was shot and bid his friends farewell, and asked them to meet him in heaven. He is now able to go around.

According to the editor of the Robinson paper: Bird’s Station, Lawrence county, is the "banner" station for shooting scrapes, fights, etc.

Aug 31, 1881
Dr. N. F. Lindsay, of Bird’s Station, has taken out license to sell whisky by the gallon. Bird Station now has the reputation of being a hard place and we are now sure this will not moralize very much.

(Ed Note:. In the Tri- County History in 1883 N. F Lindsay was listed as the town physician.
Dr Lindsay had attended the University of Louisville School of Medicine and began practicing medicine in 1878.  In 1880 he and his wife Nancy J were living in Bond Township with their daughter Lulu age 8 and son, Willard only 8 months old.  In the 1900 census he was listed as Nathaniel F Lindsay, physician, age 50 living with his wife of 12 years, Phoebe age 44, and  stepdaughter Inez Adams age 19 . By 1910 he was living in Robinson with his third wife Effie ( age 32) and practicing general medicine where he continued to live on N Pine St until his death  on March 26, 1920 in Robinson of carcinoma of the pancreas.

March 14, 1883-from Bird Station (The newspaper at that time called Birds 'Bird Station')
There is considerably sickness in Bond, principally pneumonia.
All of our town was under water during the floods. We were without mail from the south for a week
Young & Woods’ miller from Crawfordsville was in Robinson seven days last week on a "bender," consequently the mill was standing idle and people were making two or three trips for their grinding.--- So much for whiskey.
This place now has five dry good stores. ---Too much for this place.

 The Lawrence County Historical Society will hold its monthly program meeting on Monday, April 27, at 7:00 p.m. at the museum in Lawrenceville.  Featured speakers will be Jody Buchanan and Larry Whitmer, who will present a program on the military experiences of Private Jacob Adams at the Battle of Little Bighorn.