Thursday, April 9, 2015

News of September 28,1933

Lawrence County News  September 28, 1933

Mrs. Simon Seed, living south of Lawrenceville, fell Monday afternoon and sustained a fracture to her left hip. 

The twelfth and last of a series of open air band concerts was held Tuesday evening. The concert was followed by a street dance in front of the post office.

Dr. Ralph G Buzzard, a native of this county, has been selected as head of the Eastern Illinois Teacher’s college at Charleston. He will succeed L C Lord, deceased.

Three baby boys have arrived in Lawrenceville: one was born to Mr. and Mrs.  Richard Sutfin, one to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hedrick, and one to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Land

Rev. R. E. Webber, is Pastor of the United Brethren Church of Lawrenceville. Roy E. Pearce is judge of the circuit court.

The First National Bank of Sumner has been re-opened on an unrestricted basis, following the freezing of 50% of the deposit accounts, and the assessment of $100 per share against the stockholders.  This is the fourth bank in Lawrence County to open on an unrestricted basis.  The other three are the First National in St Francisville, the State Bank of Birds, and the First National of Bridgeport.  The stockholders of the Farmers State Bank of Lawrenceville are working on a similar plan of re-opening. 

Thanks to Flossie Price for the research.