Thursday, April 16, 2015

Murder of George Barker 1877

George Barker

February 25, 1877

 George Barker

 George Barker, age 29, was living with his wife, Lucinda Barker and two small children in Russellville in 1870.  Seven years later he was dead, killed by two blows of an ax handle to his head. His skull was fractured in the assault. James Broyles was arrested for the slaying. 

The above is an entry in a book we are writing about murders in Lawrence County.  Going through the court records we could not find what the outcome of this case was though. 

Thanks to D.  Foote of Robinson for researching in the Robinson Constitution newspaper for the following additional information: 


May 10, 1877
The Governor has offered  a $200 reward for James Broyles who murdered George Barbee at Russellville, some two months ago.

FEB 20, 1879
Boyles of Russellville, was acquitted of the murder of Barton  in Lawrence Co. court this week.

Even though the names of the victim and the "alleged murderer" have different spellings it appears to be the same incident.