Monday, April 27, 2015

Lawrence County Fair-- Rats

 Lawrence County Fair

June 19, 1879
Lawrence County fair Oct 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th.

Oct. 9, 1879
The Lawrence county fair opens today.

LAWRENCEVILLE HERALD: Eugene Ward, son of James Ward, of Allison town, received the first premium at our fair for the largest display of rat scalps. He had on exhibition 134.

Ed Note: In our own County Anniversary Book (p 19) the following article is found: 

 Feb 1879 "A nine-day “rat hunt” competition took place in Petty Township between teams captained by H. M. Wagner and Samuel Westfall. In the end, Westfall’s group proves more deadly, killing 1,701 rats to Wagner’s 1,273.  Victors were treated to an oyster supper by the losers, whose own entrée shall be left to the imagination."

Oct 6, 1880
Lawrence County has concluded to not have a fair this year. (Ed Note:  This decision probably had nothing to do with rats.)

Mr. D.A. Watts, of Lawrence county, had some very fine hogs on exhibition at our (Crawford County) fair last week, one of which weighed 850 pounds.

Apr 18, 1882
The fairground of Lawrence county was sold a few days ago. No more fairs will be held in that county, it seems.