Saturday, April 18, 2015

History Detectives Needed

These three photos are "orphans".  We don't know anything about them.  Several of us believe they were NOT taken in Lawrence County.  So we need the history detectives to do their best to try to identify them and if they belong to another Historical Society we will be happy to send them on their way. The photo below  also has no identification but names are written on the back. Perhaps you genealogists could use to determine where these students might have lived and then we could place them and maybe even find the school they attended.  
The date is October 1917 

The names listed on the left side are : John Wampler, (?)-irman Wampler, William Newell, Wayne Wampler, Kurt Staves, Anna Mary Newell
The names listed on the right side of the back are: Edith Wampler, Georgia May Moren, Rachel Staves, George Newell, Karl Newell, Emmet Wampler
(The name Staves might be Stanes) 

Thanks for any help you can provide.