Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fishing News


Fishing News

Feb 6, 1879
The Purgatory ponds in Lawrence Co., have proven quite a resort for fisherman during the past few weeks. A hundred or more men and boys, with pitch forks  and axes visited them regularly, by cutting holes in the ice, several hundred pounds were caught in a few hours.

(Allison Prairie was nicknamed Purgatory)

Jun 1, 1881
A cat-fish weighing 57 pounds was caught in the Ambraw river at Lawrenceville last week.

 The Lawrence County Historical Society will hold its monthly program meeting on Monday, April 27, at 7:00 p.m. at the museum in Lawrenceville.  Featured speakers will be Jody Buchanan and Larry Whitmer, who will present a program on the military experiences of Private Jacob Adams at the Battle of Little Bighorn.

A few comments from recent posts:
Jim G wants to know why the Downtown Revitalization Committee calls the Square-downtown, since it is uptown from any direction one would come from...:)This puts  a smile on several of our faces. .  he is  absolutely correct. However in the earliest days of Lawrenceville, the town was north of the square along the south side of the historically the square is downtown (South) if you think about it geographically, but because of the topography it is technically 'uptown."

AS to the picture in which several Wampler children were shown, Charles S said that all the Wampler names are listed in the book "Wamplers in America" by Genevieve M Shouse. He adds that Wayne Wampler is shown as living in Vincennes so perhaps that is a photo of a Knox County School group, but the photo made Theresa H very happy because it showed a picture of her grandmother, Anne Newell  as a young girl that no one in the family had ever seen.  She said her grandmother married L J Cunningham.  The Newell family grew up on Allison Prairie so we still thinking it might be from a Lawrence County School.  

And just for fun the group doing the inventory for our school Collection allowed me to post this aerial shot of the old Bridgeport High School.  Can someone give us an approximate date on that?
Also the committee is looking for anymore school related items you might want to donate when you are cleaning out closets, particularly Varsity letters, old school photos, school desks, sports memorabila  etc.