Friday, April 24, 2015

Court Reports 1879-1881

Court Reports
OCTOBER 16, 1879
Two young fops ran a horse-race at church, in Lawrence county, a few days ago. They were arrested and taken before a 'Squire. One plead guilty and was fined $3.50; the other one tried to make it appear that he was insane at the time, which resulted in his being fined $5.60.

Jan 28, 1880
Ex-sheriff Allison, of Lawrence County, was in attendance at county court last week. His son was fined for a riot in the south part of this county.

Aug 3, 1881
Griffin, the Bird’s Station robber who was lodged in our jail a few hours last week by Lawrence County's sheriff, has been lodged in Lawrence County's jail in default of $1,000 bail. Two more fellows implicated in the robbery are still at large.

Aug 31, 1881
The Lawrenceville Rural says: "The grand jury was discharged on Wednesday evening after finding forty-one indictments, as follows: Three for assault, two for assault and battery, four for assault with deadly weapons, four for assault to murder, two for fornication, one for giving liquor to minors, eleven for carrying concealed weapons, one for horse stealing, two for larceny, one for murder, one for perjury, two for racing, two for rape, three for riot and two for robbery.

and finally:    Feb 23, 1881
The Lawrenceville jail has been condemned by the grand jury of Lawrence county

 The Lawrence County Historical Society will hold its monthly program meeting on Monday, April 27, at 7:00 p.m. at the museum in Lawrenceville.  Featured speakers will be Jody Buchanan and Larry Whitmer, who will present a program on the military experiences of Private Jacob Adams at the Battle of Little Bighorn.