Saturday, March 7, 2015

Volunteers Needed!

The Historical Society is a lot of different things to a lot of different groups.  It is clear that supporters and volunteers are something we can never have enough of when serving this diversity.  Volunteers welcome visitors and work as researchers. Maybe you haven’t thought about volunteering recently or haven’t been asked. (Obviously you haven’t seen me lately if that is the reason…)  So now I am asking all of you to consider helping us.  “How can I help,” that is the question you should be asking yourself. (Contact me and I can help you with the answer.) We need everyone.  Contact us here at Lawrence Lore, or so we can get your name and interests.  The Society is going to grow and thrive because of the contributions of time and effort from all of us. 

History continues through you….The more we involve the community the more we grow in consciousness and thought of our potential audiences.  We NEED more volunteers. WE need interested committee chairmen, a secretary for the Board, writers for the newsletter….the list goes on.

Make a commitment to be host at the museum for a few hours a week.  Help set up/tear down exhibits. Assist with building projects such as painting and simple carpentry.  Research specific topics and individuals on your computer at home.  Look up records at the courthouse, or read microfilm newspapers at the library.  Use your computer skills to help with our intensive inventory, or if you can’t use the computer, help us get things out and put them away. Everyone can do something.  You can too! Don’t think somebody else is going to do it. We Need You!

For us to better serve the community and guests, we can’t do it alone.  Volunteers enrich our operation and our guest experiences.  In return, we promise to enrich your time working with us.  (Plus we might even provide donuts!)