Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reward for Apprentice 1818

( We are not sure if you can still collect the reward as the "boy" would be over 196 years old but we thought the clothing of the period was interesting.....)

An ad in the Western Sun June 20 1818  offers 20 dollars reward for a runaway apprentice boy in the Hatting business named John Mc’Fall. 

“His eyes are divers colors, he has a scar on his upper lip; as to his clothing he had one pair of leather and two pair of blue domestic Pantaloons, two flax shirts, half worn, one yellow Marseilles Vest, coarse shoes, one blue domestic Coat, one superfine back broad cloth Coatee, very much worn. I cannot tell what kind of Hat he wore, as the Shop was found open the next morning after he left me and several hats missing.  I do not know whether he perpetrated the same, or whether it was broke open, however the key which belonged to the lock was in it and the windows open. This fellow is a notorious villain. I forewarn all persons from harboring him as I am determined to put the law in force against such person or persons. Hatters may do well not to give him work, for they may depend on paying very high prices for making hats. I will give the above  reward for his delivery and all reasonable expenses.  Samuel Bruner Vincennes