Friday, March 6, 2015

Lawrenceville Beauty and Barber Shops 1941

These are some of the business that existed in Lawrenceville  in 1942.  To read more about them check out our website under the menu for businesses.

In 1941 the following beauty parlors made the Ladies of Lawrence beautiful.
Annette Beauty Shop 1103 8th  (Mrs Mary Mickey)
Bon Ton Beauty shoppe 1005 12th (Mrs Hazel McDonald)
Indu Beauty Shoppe 815 12th ( Mrs Lela Wetterow and Mrs Verna Walker)
Inez Beauty Shoppe 807 12th ( Mrs Inez McKelvey)
Le Grand Beauty Shop 1518 Dubois ( Mrs Sarah LeGrand)
Nora's Beauty 1525 12th ( Mrs Nora Hood)
Paramount Beauty Shoppe 617 11th (Mrs Virginia Geiman)
Patsy Ann Beauty Shoppe 1310 Lexington Av (Mrs Alice Vandament)
Snivelys Beauty Shoppe 1809 Dubois ( Mrs Maude Leona and Mary Snively)

 The Barbers were (1941):
Big 4 Barber Shop 1315 Lexington  (Virgil R Theriac)
Campbell Barber Shop 807 11th  (Noah T Campbell)
Campbells Barber Shop 2202 15th  (Chas J Campbell)
Cochran Pryor 1208 State
Harts Barber Shop 812 12th  (Forrest E Hart)
Hotel Lawrence Barber Shop --Mark Shepard 1013 State
LeGrand Barber Shop basement 721 12th ( Jos H LeGrand)
McNary Barber Shop 1320 State ( James D McNary)
North Side Barber Shop 1119 State (W. Roy McNeil)

Both of the ads below were published in 1925.