Thursday, March 5, 2015

Humor in the 1860's

Date: August 29, 1863

—"The Southern Confederacy at present is in a bad fix, and reminds us of the story told a number of years ago by a traveler who had been out West. In passing from Vincennes to Lawrenceville, whilst crossing Allison Prairie , the writer says he came to a swamp, which the natives in that region had christened Purgatory. In company with a guide he proceeded to cross this dangerous part, of the road, and when about half way over he saw a hat floating upon the surface of the water, and on reaching out to pick it up, discovered a man's head under it. He remarked to the gentleman that he appeared to be in a bad fix. "Yes," replied the stranger, "but not in half as bad a fix as my mule, which is just under me."

In a few more days the Confederacy will be in the same fix of the mule—every day she is sinking deeper and deeper into an unfathomless purgatory from which the strong arm of insurrection will never be able to raise her."