Thursday, March 19, 2015

Heartbreak for Father 1903

Lawrenceville Republican Thursday Jan 29, 1903  A. C. Shick of East St Louis, brought one of his children here for burial Saturday night and Sunday he received a telegram that another one had died, so that after burying the first one, he left for home to bring back the second one.  Mr. Shick has the sympathy of the community.

Thanks to D. Allen for this research.

March Program!

Civil War Photographers: Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner and Others
 By Phil Lewis, Presenter
 March 23, 2015 7:00 pm at the museum
12th and State Streets, Lawrenceville, Il 62439

This Power Point presentation focuses on the Art of photography and Civil War photographers with pictures of battlefields and  the carnage of war.   Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy Sullivan, and as well as Southern photographers, brought the visual story of the war to the general public as never before.  Most Americans of the era thought the war would be over in a few months, but it lasted four, long painful years with nearly 750,000 Union and Confederate soldiers perishing in the bloody conflict.