Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Good Samaritan Shot 1865

No good deed goes unpunished.......

Date: March 4, 1865

Yesterday afternoon, about 3 o'clock, Mr. Jesse L. Groves, a farmer living in Allison prairie, Ill., about three miles west of our city, was shot with a revolver, in the hands of a drunken man, whose name we did not learn, but who is said to be a fireman on the O. and M. R. R. The perpetrator with one or two companions, all intoxicated, crossed over the ferry at the foot of Main street, and on reaching the Illinois shore, he fell into the river. Mr. Groves, who happened to be near, pulled him out, but as soon as he regained his feet, he drew a revolver on Mr. G. and aimed at his head. The pistol was knocked aside, but the fellow again pulled the trigger and shot Mr. G. in the abdomen, cutting the intestines and the ball lodging, it is thought, near the spine. The wound will probably prove mortal. The murderer was arrested and taken to Lawrenceville.

Mr. Groves recently moved to this section from Aurora, Ind., and is a worthy man and good citizen.