Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Death of Prominent Lawyer 1861

Publication: THE WEEKLY VINCENNES WESTERN SUN        Date: March 23, 1861
L. Abernathy, a prominent citizen of Lawrenceville , Ill ., died in that place a few days since.
Publication: VINCENNES GAZETTE       Date: March 23, 1861
On the 15th inst., L. ABERNATHY, Esq., of Lawrenceville , Ill ., (died) in the 38th year of his age.
We have the solemn task in this issue, of recording the demise of Mr. LUNENBURG ABERNATHY, of this place, aged 38 years. His short period of professional life, as a lawyer, was attended with much success and a promising and lucrative practice. The legal fraternity have lost one whose place will probably not soon be filled. He always exerted himself in behalf of the interests of the country, and long identified his name with the orders of Masons and Sons of Temperance, and advocated with zeal and ability the ascendency of high and moral principles, as the basis of all good society and permanent prosperity. He was a member of the Christian Church, and exhibited all the evidences of the character of a Christian. It is a serious matter to part with the aged, who have run their race, but it is with deep sadness that we bid adieu to those who are just starting in life, surrounded with fair prospects of honors, and the attainment of enviable positions among their fellows.
We assure the bereaved family and relatives, that those who were his friends share with their loss and extend a hand of sympathy to them.—Western Globe .
 Note from earlier blog:  The oldest son of Hardaway and Martha Abernathy was Lunenburg who married Eleanor Smith and together they had  7  children. A practicing attorney,  he was appointed County Clerk and later elected Superintendent of Schools for Lawrence County in 1857.  He helped his mother get a divorce in 1844 charging his father as a habitual drunkard  who beat the mother and sold the clothes she made for the children to buy ardent spirits.