Monday, March 16, 2015

Chris Skelton, Red's Brother

Lawrence County News  1/16/1942

Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Skelton have sold their cleaning plant and equipment on North Twelfth street and with their son left Wednesday for Los Angeles, Calif. where they expect to make their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Skelton have been residents of Lawrenceville for five years and built up a nice cleaning business in that time.  Due to the war situation and the chances of being called to service, Mr. Skelton decided to dispose of his interests here and locate in California where his mother and two brothers reside until it is definitely known whether or not he will be called for service.  The business will continue to be conducted under the name Skelton Cleaners, at the old stand on North Twelfth street for the present. 

And the brother in California was...Red Skelton of course.  

More information about Red's link to Lawrence county is published in the Society's book Lawrence Lore Vol 2 for sale now at the museum, the library in Bridgeport, or on the website.

March Program!

Civil War Photographers: Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner and Others
 By Phil Lewis, Presenter
 March 23, 2015 7:00 pm at the museum
12th and State Streets, Lawrenceville, Il 62439

This Power Point presentation focuses on the Art of photography and Civil War photographers with pictures of battlefields and  the carnage of war.   Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy Sullivan, and as well as Southern photographers, brought the visual story of the war to the general public as never before.  Most Americans of the era thought the war would be over in a few months, but it lasted four, long painful years with nearly 750,000 Union and Confederate soldiers perishing in the bloody conflict.