Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Business and Crime News

Lawrence County News 
 May 13,1907 
  • John W Scott has accepted a position in the tailoring dept of Gooch Bros. Mr and Mrs. Scott have moved to this city from Vincennes and are building a new residence in the southeast part of the city,.
  • A. L. Maxwell is turning four houses along Clubb Lane to face East Street.  He is also, with the consent of the City Council, opening Church Street east to East Street and the council is closing Clubb Lane south to Church Street.

June 25, 1917
    • J C Pinkerton has sold his Phoenix Theatre to George Swartzman of Vincennes.
    • Miss Pearl Young is assisting county Clerk Steffey during the absence of Dept Clerk Ivan Wright who is a first Lieutenant of Co. G 9th Ill Inf.           
May 12, 1932  

    •   Roy Paris, proprietor of the Paris Bakery, is celebrating his first anniversary as a Lawrenceville businessman this week.

June 23, 1932  
  • Joe Diver, who will be a senior in the University of Illinois, College of Law, next term is assisting State’s attorney G E McGaughey this summer. 
  • The Stock of the Rooney Grocery Company has been moved to Robinson. 
  • George Pope, 50 of St Francisville, was killed Monday night and Steel Jacket Jim Young, 54 also of St Francisville, is in the county jail charged with the murder.  The trouble leading up to the shooting started over a water well shared by both families.

  May 1942
  •  The Wm Thorn clothing store on the west side of the square was the scene of a well- planned burglary early Saturday morning.  The burglars netted about $300 in cash and checks. Entrance was gained through the skylight in the rear of the store, the burglars breaking one pane of glass and descending by means of a rope or ladder.  The store is protected by a burglar alarm system operated by dry batteries and the batteries were weakened to the extent that when the wires were broken the alarm did not sound.  Charlie Winship, who operates the taxi service in the basement of the building, heard a noise about 1:30 Saturday morning and investigated by going to the front and rear of the Thorn store, but saw no one and returned to his stand.A dozen or more pairs of Florsheim shoes were stacked on a table in the rear of the store and the suit racks had been swung open and the suits separated, apparently to leave the impression that the burglars had taken some of the stock.

 July 23, 1942  
  • A H Popkins of St Louis, designer of store fixtures and interiors, is in Lawrenceville this week installing a complete set of equipment for the uptown store of Eubank’s cleaners.  The new store will be located in the room formerly occupied by the Lawrence County Book Store and bus station, opposite the hotel.  The uptown room will be strictly modern, with the latest in display cases and other equipment.  The idea is that all customers may contact the Eubanks Cleaners more easily and also permit the conservation of tires and gasoline. 
March Program!

Civil War Photographers: Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner and Others
 By Phil Lewis, Presenter
 March 23, 2015 7:00 pm at the museum
12th and State Streets, Lawrenceville, Il 62439

This Power Point presentation focuses on the Art of photography and Civil War photographers with pictures of battlefields and  the carnage of war.   Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy Sullivan, and as well as Southern photographers, brought the visual story of the war to the general public as never before.  Most Americans of the era thought the war would be over in a few months, but it lasted four, long painful years with nearly 750,000 Union and Confederate soldiers perishing in the bloody conflict.