Friday, March 20, 2015

Broad Hollow School 1922

The above photo is taken of the 1922 class of Broad Hollow School, located on the southwest corner of the intersection at Billett Lane 700N and Denison Road 1290E. We are currently preparing an inventory of all our school photographs, teacher ledgers, yearbooks,and memorabilia.  WE have some real treasures! (For example an early wool BTHS basketball uniform, school bells, very old attendance records and grade books for our older country schools, lists of teachers, etc)   Anyone desiring to help should contact us through this website.

Since the Readin',Ritin' and 'Rithmetic, the Early Schools of Lawrence County, Il book  was published in 2011, the Society has gathered about 75 additional  photographs that are neither in the book or on the CD.  The book contains 250 photographs, while the first CD contained all of those plus 500 more.  (Both the book and the Cd can be purchased from the website, the Museum or the Genealogical Library.)

Please send in any school photos that you have, if you think we might not have a copy of them.  (Also  donate any memorabilia, or old yearbooks that your kids will surely sell at a yardsale when you die.) You may send the photos by email, or stop by the library to have them scanned if you want. Contact us here to make arrangements to drop off items at the museum.

CURATOR WANTED; If you would like to become curator of our school collection please contact Donna or Nancy through this website.

The curator job would involve organizing the boxes and books, helping inventory the collection, scanning pictures and photographing  objects, finding records for researchers, and writing interesting articles for the blog... If you have the interest but not the skills, don't worry...we don't either, but we are having fun learning.    The pay is not great, in fact, it's a volunteer job only but the good news is, the IRS won't tax it!

March Program!

Civil War Photographers: Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner and Others
 By Phil Lewis, Presenter
 March 23, 2015 7:00 pm at the museum
12th and State Streets, Lawrenceville, Il 62439

This Power Point presentation focuses on the Art of photography and Civil War photographers with pictures of battlefields and  the carnage of war.   Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardner, Timothy Sullivan, and as well as Southern photographers, brought the visual story of the war to the general public as never before.  Most Americans of the era thought the war would be over in a few months, but it lasted four, long painful years with nearly 750,000 Union and Confederate soldiers perishing in the bloody conflict.