Saturday, March 14, 2015

Answers to Photo Quiz

Answers to photo quiz
1.  Alan Moore-- Supt of Schools
2.  Alten Kull--Insurance
3.  Benny Cochran --Insurance
4.  Bob Christy-- owner of  Texaco on the Square
5.  Edgar Atkins-- Circuit Clerk 1950's
6.  Elbert Bailey --Sheriff & and Treasurer
7.  Harry King--Circuit Clerk 1932-1940
8.  Hays Bale--Sheriff 1914-1918 & 1934-1938
9.  Hugh Livesay--Farm Advisor
10.  Jim Rife --Auctioneer
11  John Borden-Attorney
12.  John Hamilton--Writer
13.  Smith Dalrymple--Writer
14.  Walker Henry-Attorney
15.  William Hensley County Clerk

So some of you named some of them right ,but none of you got them all right!  Thank you to those who played the do something to get your photo in the paper so 25 years from now, the next editor can put them on the blog and have people guess who YOU are!