Monday, February 23, 2015

The Underground Railroad and Black History on the Website

The Underground  Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad.  It was, though, a secret network of routes extending through the northern states to Canada for the slaves of the south to reach freedom.  Routes were called lines; stopping places were called stations; and those who assisted along the way were called conductors.  The activities of these northern abolitionists were conducted secretly to avoid the reach of fugitive slave hunters.

Stories of the Underground Railroad and the building now known as the Masonic Hall have long been a part of Lawrence County history. But to separate fact from fiction has been difficult.  Individuals who might have been involved are long dead, and because of the secretive nature of the operation, no written records exist.

Now definitive proof has been found that Lawrence County was indeed a stop on the “railroad.” John King can take credit for this remarkable ‘find’ about Russellville and you can read all about it on our website:  under our new Project Heading:  Black History.  Because of the popularity of the Curry Brothers’ Black history tours, we asked Larry to assist us with developing this section of the website.  More sites on the map will be added as this interesting story of Lawrence County history evolves.  Please take time to check this out.