Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Review

Unidentified Sunday School Class Photo that was published earlier this week:  B Gray thinks it might be Island Free Methodist church, north of Applegate, because Ollie Poland''s wife's name was Luella and they attended Island Church as did his grandparents.  Does anyone recognize any of the children, now that we might have narrowed down the church itself?  Any of your relatives attend Island Church?

  The Cincinnati Enquirer Nov 15 1879  Henry Fail, a farmer of Lawrence County, Ill, was found dead in his corn field last night, after being absent all day.  He is supposed to have died of hemorrhage of the lungs.   The Irene Black Cemetery Book page 204  lists Henry Fail as being buried in Flowers Cemetery.  (Fail, Henry, Nov 13, 1879 aged 52 yrs 8 mo)  There were only two other graves listed  besides Fail's: Francis Flowers and Portis Flowers.  

 Flowers cemetery according to a deed was  located  in Sec 16 T3R11 close to where the old Updyke school stood.  This school was also known as Lower Sand Ridge. In an earlier blog there was a newspaper mention made of Portius Flowers who tried to farm over an early county cemetery and how mad the community was about his actions.  Yet now the cemetery where Flowers  was buried no longer exists according to one cemetery researcher.  Did someone plow over Flowers' grave ?  If anyone out there knows more about this cemetery please contact us.

The Textile Collection committee is working on an inventory.  Muslin garments bags are needed to cover the military uniforms.  If you would like to help sew, please contact Nancy King.  Also the group needs wooden hangars.  The archival boxes that are used to store the textiles are very expensive with the large ones costing $70 to store wedding dresses. If you would like to "donate" the cost of a box, that would be wonderful because the Collection has some real treasures...dresses, quilts, baby clothes, uniforms,  etc...