Saturday, February 7, 2015

Saturday Review

This lovely quilt was made and quilted by the Olney District Methodist Women. It was recently donated to the Museum by M Green. Our thanks to her and to J and N King for hanging it.  

We are in the process of documenting and storing our collection of textiles.  The large archival boxes to hold the wedding dresses are quite expensive but necessary to preserve these lovely treasures.  WE would love to be able to put your name on a box "donated by".  If you would like to contribute to this worthy project please talk to Nancy King.  

Another reader wanted to know where Yellow Banks was:
An early deed stated that it was on the Embarras River in T4R11.  

A reader wanted to know where Beaver Pond was:  
Beaver Pond is on Allison Prairie.  The Beaver Pond Ditch crosses the new Route 50, just to the west of the Lawrenceville  water wells - to the west of Earl Minderman's farmstead.  The Beaver Pond is to about 1/2 mile to the NW of where the Beaver Pond Ditch crosses Route 50.

Don't forget to take photos for the 2nd annual Photo contest.  See website for contest rules.