Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pepple School 1900's

If you know any of the descendants of these students, tell them about the meeting on the Fate of Pepple School (Lanterman Park) Feb 23 2015 7:00 at the Museum on the Square

Pepple School  Teacher  Nora McCally May 21, 1906
Front Row: Lee Fyffe, Delbert Pepple, Jesse Lewis, Cecil Douglas, Fred Fyffe, Cecil Seabright, Cynthia Fyffe, Helen Vanguilder, Berthal Piper, Carrie May Lewis
Second Row: Owen Piper, Emil Caudle, Ethel Griggs, Maude Pepple, Verlie Piper, Ella Caudle

Third row: Marion Caudle, Ona Klinger, Della Heath, Della Moore, Nancy Stoltz, Jessie Eaton, Opal Hawkins, Birt Hawkins, Isis Stoltz, Sue Caudle, Ella Caudle 

Pepple School  Teacher  ?  1909
Front Row:  Fred Fyffe, __, Mable Schoonover, Cecil Seabright, Edna Pepple, Ethel Griggs, Thelma Schoonover, Lee Fyffe, Carrie May Lewis, Lou Caudle, Berthal Pipe
Second Row: Jesse Lewis, Chloe Pepple, Ralph Pepple, Eleanor Angle, Cynthia Fyffe, Harold Smith, Ella Caudle, Teacher__,Delbert Pepple, Cecil Douglas, Verlie Piper, Isis Stoltz and Emil Caudle

Pepple School  Teacher  William Lathrop   1910’s
Front Row: Edgar Burrough, Vernon Harmon, Lee Fyffe, Frazier Lewis, Ellis Angle, Burnice Angle, Hubert Caudle.
Second Row: Florence Flack, Thelma Schoonover, Luella Harmon, Mable Schoonover, Ralph Pepple, Carrie May Lewis, Ella Caudle, Laura Leech, Lou Caudle, Edna Pepple, Marjorie Morris
Third Row: Harold Pepple, Martin Howe, Fred Fyffe, Evelyn Bellinger, Emil Caudle, Cecil Douglas, Lawrence Morris, Walter Bellinger, Cynthia Fyffe, Chloe Pepple
Fourth Row: Cecil Seabright, Delbert Pepple, Ethel Griggs, Sue Caudle, Marion Caudle, Nancy Stoltz, Ethel Douglas, Eleanor Angle, Isis Stoltz.
Carrie May Lewis married Lawrence L Morris Nov 3, 1920, only couple in class that married in entire school through the years according to Carrie May Lewis Morris.