Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Did you ever get a box of Candy from Ada Lee's.  To read the story and see the interior of the store as well as some ads, go to the website and click on 'businesses' and go to the south side of the square. Most of you will remember where the store was, but it is the second building on the left for the rest of you.   Click on the building to read the history. 

If you know where the building is, you can tell where Wanda King, (wearing the Ada Lee uniform)  is standing.

A couple of weeks ago we published an aerial photo of a lovely farmstead and asked if anyone knew where it was, because we didn't.  Pam H  thought is was the Arthur and Mary Akin Farm, Clarence and Ralph Akin's parents,  as did Rex W who said it was between Billett and St Francisville. John K disagreed. Barbara P thought it was the Whittaker farmstead west of Lawrenceville where they used to buy milk and eggs.
  John K once again disagreed, and sent a tax map showing an aerial  photo of the Whittaker farm today.  There is still an old barn standing that is not in the aerial unidentified photo, and the present day Whittaker farm is less compact that the unknown farm. So the photo is still unidentified...

Thanks to Kaye and Larry F for a printer, Anita A for a monetary donation, and Esther H for a book display cabinet. ..and to some unknown person who dropped off an office chair.  We really appreciate your help and thoughtfulness.