Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Centerville in 1860

Date: April 21, 1860

[Correspondence of the Vincennes Western Sun.]

CENTERVILLE, Lawrence Co., Ill., April 18,1860.

Dear Green: I see that the editor of the Globe is not altogether posted up concerning our town. It is six miles north of Vincennes, on the Palestine and Chicago road, and on the road from Lawrenceville to Russellville —seven miles to either place; and a much better location, composed of good high prairie land, good water, good roads and a good neighborhood.

We have two or three blacksmith shops, also two or three that makes plows, wagons, and buggies, all conducted by hard-working men, but cannot supply the demand.

We have one grocery store, the proprietor of which sells a little "red eye" by the gallon to those who buy for medical and mechanical purposes.

If any honorable man desires a good business place he can do well, if he has the dimes to keep a good farmers' grocery store.

Our town is three miles to the station on the Cincinnati and St. Louis railroad, so if any man likes this location he can just "pitch in."

There is no mistake but what a man of capital could do well here—for that is all we want. Yours, truly,

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