Friday, February 6, 2015

Cattle Rustlers Beware

Publication: NEWS OF THE DAY
Date: May 2, 1855

WHEREAS, persons residing without the limits of Allison Prairie, are in the habit annually of bringing large droves of cattle on said prairie, to pasture, thereby destroying the pasture rightfully belonging to the inhabitants of said Prairie , and also when taking such cattle away, oftentimes drive off the cattle belonging to the inhabitants of said prairie , which is not only unjust but exceedingly oppressive:


RESOLVED, That while we solemnly protest against such aggression on the part of strangers and non-residents, and appeal to the justice and magnanimity of a generous public in defense of our rights, we are likewise determined to prevent such aggressions in future, by whatever means may be necessary to accomplish this end.

RESOLVED, that we fully acknowledge the obligations of hospitality, and will cheerfully permit the drover and emigrant to pasture their stock on said prairie such reasonable time as may be necessary for the transit of horses and stock through the country.

RESOLVED, That a committee be appointed to draft, rules and regulations for the action of citizens of Allison Prairie in carrying out the purposes expressed in the foregoing resolutions.

RESOLVED, that a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the several papers published in Vincennes, with a request that they publish the same.

On motion RESOLVED, That this meeting adjourn to meet in this place on Saturday the 21st, at 2 o'clock P. M.

On motion W. B. Pritchett and Nelson Norton were appointed a Committee to notify non-residents
VAL. KARNES, Chairman.


At a meeting of the citizens of Allison Prairie, held at Westport, on the 17th day of April, A. D. 1855, VALENTINE KARNES was appointed chairman, and V. B. BUCHANAN appointed Secretary.

On motion the following resolutions were adopted: those having stock on said prairie, to remove the same on or before Saturday next.