Wednesday, February 25, 2015

1860 Census and the Civil War

As part of the Civil War committee who are researching every man and boy who served from Lawrence County, J King went through the 1860 Census for each township to find those men who were of appropriate ages. He compared this with the State Adjutant’s list and with several other lists.

So far, 129 soldiers who served in the Civil War have been identified as being from Lukin Twp. There were a total of 226 households in 49.5 square miles, meaning there would have been an average of about 2 soldiers per square mile.

The Census taker for the 1860 Lukin, Christy and Denison Twps was John Provines,  the father of Pvt Eli Finley Provines.  When the word came of the death of young Eli Finley Provines, on the steamboat Sultana, in the early summer of 1865, John S. Provines died at the supper table of a massive heart attack.

Ed Note: Now we have less than half the population of 1860 in Lukin Twp. The population in the year 2000 was 414.