Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wedding of Illinois Couple at Vincennes Masonic Temple

Vincennes Sun Commercial May 2 1937   

Masonic Temple Wedding Shrine: Illinois Couple Wedded Saturday Night.

"Ivan Crawford and Maxine Pinkstaff were the principals in a wedding which was solemnized under novel circumstances Saturday night. It was performed in the Vincennes Masonic Temple. Saturday afternoon the young couple had obtained their marriage license at the local courthouse and later in the evening after the wedding party was assembled, a place to conduct the wedding was sought. The party included the couple to be married, two other couples, and a minister, all Lawrence County folk.

A tour of the city revealed that all the churches were closed. Finally members of the party suggested that the wedding be held at the Masonic Temple.

In the front parlor of the Temple the vows were taken. The full ring ceremony was carried out and shortly after 9 PM the group left the Temple. It was the only time since the Temple has been built that it was used for such a purpose. The groom is a farmer on RR#3 Lawrenceville. The bride, a daughter of Elmer Pinkstaff, gave her residence as Birds, Illinois. 

(Ed Note: ....after the wedding party was assembled, a place to conduct the wedding was sought.... Is it just me or would you have thought the "party " might have considered this before Saturday night?)