Monday, January 19, 2015

The Civil War Draft

When the Civil War researchers were reading the 1860s newspapers, they got a good laugh out of one article in the Vincennes Weekly Sun. This was a Democratic newspaper, so there was’ no Copperhead bashing going on,’ but the Editor did mention that some draftees were being trained at Camp Butler and were sent home to vote for Lincoln in the fall election of 1864. Many of these men never returned to camp.  The Sun suggested that they were voting from Canada.  That brought to mind the draft dodgers of the 1960’s, several of whom also went to Canada.

Date: November 26, 1864
SPRINGFIELD, Ill., Nov. 20.
Several hundred drafted men and substitutes who were sent home from Camp Butler by the Administration to vote for Lincoln, have failed to report since. They probably voted in Canada.
In December we published a list of name drawn and submitted for the draft of 1865.  This list below is for an earlier draft in 1864.

Date: October 8, 1864
Title: Draft in Lawrence County, Ills.

The following is the result of the draft in Russell and Allison, the only two townships liable to the draft:  (Spelling is as printed in the paper. If you suspect the name is incorrect please send the correction for the researchers.  Richard Heynes may be Richard Haynes for example)
1 Asa B. Felton,
2 Alf'd Pinkstaff ,
3 B. Johnson,
4 Henry Adams,
5 Jno. B. Whitlow,
6 Henry Heedon,
7 Amos Pinkstaff ,
8 John Baird.
9 Cad. Butts,
10 A. H. Arneld,
11 Win. Sisigger,
12 Adison Snop,
13 James Pettit,
14 Jos. Balthes,
15 — —,
16 — —.
1 Ham. Cunningham,
2 Thompson Adams,
3 John Eades.
4 Cornelius Organ,
5 James Burns,
6 John Gremore,
7 Emory Wolf,
8 Joseph Battis,
9 Andrew Harmon,
10 Samuel Baker,
11 Richard Heynes,
12 Chas. Thompson,
13 Thomas Jones,
14 Wm. Ramsey,
15 Arthor Chenewoth,
16 — —,

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And in the corrections for the corrections Dept.--On Saturday we said Bill Phipps played in the TV series that ran from 1893-1984.  WELL that was a typo.  Lawrence County is progressive but we didn't have TV in 1893.... should have been 1993-1994.  Good Catch David B.