Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Review


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This month the Society received a request to assist in looking for information about a grandmother.  The official records (1900 and 1920 census) showed the grandmother to be a daughter of a family from LaSalle Co Illinois who then moved to Oklahoma.   However among the grandmother’s things was a letter dated June 11, 1899 and written to the woman she had always considered to be her mother. This letter was from a lady in Bridgeport Il and read in part:  “I would love to see that little girl that you have taken to raise. We have a little boy baby a little over 2 months old. His name is Clarence Augustus. He is awful sweet but it makes me feel bad that I can’t have little Pearl with me. …” Cora (last name difficult to read)

Several of our best researchers attempted to read the last name to no avail until John K took one look at it and said it was “Lawson.”  From there he was able to locate a Cora Furguson (Ferguson) who married a Charles Lawson April 2, 1898.  From the 1900 Census of Bridgeport Twp, Lawrence Co, Illinois Cora Lawson had been married to Charles Lawson for 2 years - she said she had 1 child by him, but that child is no longer living.  Next John found a death record for Clarence August Lawson who died at age 4 mo on Aug 12, 1899.  So  the mystery of who Cora,  the letter writer, was, has been solved and hopefully this will prove to be a significant break-through for Pearl’s genealogists.  Good Job, John.  

Kevin Borden presented an excellent program Jan 26 about the Borden genealogy, complete with stories of the local Bordens and then  stories of the famous and infamous Bordens that may or may not be related.  John Borden, Esq also shared a few family stories.  

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