Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Problems for Enrolling Agents during Civil War

Some researchers believe it was the C.W. draft that had the Peace Democrats (aka Knights of the Golden Circle, Sons of Liberty) so riled.  Enrolling agents had been killed in Sullivan Co IN and in Daviess Co IN.  Draft riots occurred in Olney, and apparently enrolling officers weren’t too welcome at certain  Lawrence County homes either. In addition to the problems mentioned below in Allison Twp, the researchers are finding references to Copperhead meetings at the Gaddy barn in Lukin Twp.

Date: June 27, 1863

BEATING AN ENROLLING OFFICER.— On Monday last, Mr. Ham. Parsons, the enrolling officer in Allison Prairie , went to the house of a Mr. Pinkstaff, and enquired his name, age, etc. "D—n you, I'll give you my name!" said Pinkstaff, whereupon he threw a brick, striking Parsons on the arm. Simultaneously, a concealed villain leaped from a wheat field, and caught the bridle rein, while Pinkstaff ran into the house after his gun, which his wife refused to let him have. He then returned to the yard, and, while his accomplice held the bridle rein, showered brick-bats, clubs, etc. at the officer, bruising him very badly. We believe Parsons was unarmed.

Editor’s Note:  William Pinkstaff ran for Sheriff on the Democratic ticket in Lawrence County in the 1866 election. 

Rick Kelsheimer mentioned  in his book, South Union, that there was a troop of Union soldiers stationed near Flat Rock to keep the peace caused by the Copperheads in this part of the country.  For the rest of the week we will be featuring research on Capt. Parker’s activities in Lawrence County. For you who want to read more about the Civil War Draft resistance in Illinois see:  http://dig.lib.niu.edu/ISHS/ishs-1971autumn/ishs-1971autumn-244.pdf )

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