Thursday, January 15, 2015

Murder of Ryan Child 1860

Date: September 1, 1860
 Excitement in Lawrenceville , Ill.

 LAWRENCEVILLE. Ill., Aug. 27, 1860.

To the Editors of the Missouri Democrat :
On Saturday, the 26th inst., we had the greatest excitement at this place. It had been circulated that Miss Mary Ryan, daughter of E. Z. Ryan, had been delivered of a bastard child, and that the child had been murdered by her mother and brother. The matter was talked of until Friday last, when the remains of a small child were found buries in the grave-yard near this place. On Saturday a Coroner's inquest was held. Ryan got the assistance of two attorneys to appear before the Coroner's jury. It was proved beyond any doubt that the parties charged had committed the murder, but the jury for some cause failed to find any verdict.

When an old woman, who was the principal witness, came out of the Court House she was met by E. Z. Ryan and cowhided, until he could be got away from her. On Saturday night the guilty parties, together with E Z. Ryan and Mary Ryan, left for parts unknown. The community is all excitement.

We learn that Mr. Ryan returned to Lawrenceville a day or two ago, sold his farm and left again.

Hitherto the family occupied a respectable position, and at this time Mr. R. is the Democratic nominee for State Senator.

(This Editor's Comment:   "Why waste your money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you." -- Mark Twain) 

"Cowhided" according to the dictionary on the internet means: To beat with a strong heavy flexible whip.