Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lottery in Lawrenceville 1866

Date: February 24, 1866

Mr. D. Feagan, of Lawrenceville , Ill ., has gotten up a gift enterprise which will no doubt attract favorable attention. There are 200 gifts, including a splendid new flouring mill, in complete running order, and machinery of the best character, with 75 acres of timbered land, adjoining the lands now being bored for oil in Lawrence county, Ill .; one drug store; one lot of two acres; fifty acres of timbered land; one yoke of oxen; a two-horse wagon; one town lot; 50 barrels of flour, and a variety of other valuable prizes —the total amount being $12,000, and all put up at a fair valuation.
Mr. Feagan is well known as one of the most reliable of men—whose integrity and honor are unquestioned—and ticket-holders can implicitly rely upon the whole scheme being carried out on the square.
The drawing takes place May 1st, 1866, at Lawrenceville. The price of tickets is $2. Full particulars are given in programmes and posters, just published. We advise our friends to try their luck in this enterprise.