Monday, January 26, 2015

Lake Lawrence

More history about Lake Lawrence

Feb 27,1902 Published in The Sumner Press  but reported by the Vincennes Sun
The B& O SW Railroad company is harvesting the finest quality of ice ever seen here from their gravel pit just west of town and are storing the crop at Washington.  The pit is filled to the depth of 25 ft with water clear as crystal. (See earlier history of Lake Lawrence on this blog)

From the Lawrence County 175th Anniversary book:   Albert Crews, a prominent farmer, gave each of his children farm land.  Thinking that he did not give his daughter Minta, wife of Glenwood Earl Meskimen,  equal acreage, he also gave her a 50 acre lake.  There were few public swimming areas, so Earl and Minta erected a bath-house and dance pavilion on the lake.  The dance pavilion was the largest in the area.  They opened the summer resort  in 1920 and called it Lake Lawrence, because it was situated in Lawrence county  The summer resort attracted people from as far away as Indianapolis and Evansville.  In the early days of Lake Lawrence it was the scene of beauty pageants, and big name dance bands, including Jan Garber, Clyde McCoy, Kansas City Night Hawks and others.  In the early 1930’s, Minta leased lots around the shores of Lake Lawrence so that people could build summer homes there.