Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Copperheads on Allison Prairie 1863

Date: May 30, 1863
Title: K. G. C.'s in Allison Prairie .

For some time it has been known to the men of this place that a treasonable organization existed in Allison Prairie , but, for reasons better known to ourselves, we have hitherto kept silent. We can, however, inform these gentlemen, the leaders of the traitorous gang, that they are marked men. Their movements, proceedings, &c., are well known, and steps have taken which will quickly dispose of them at the proper time. We would give them fair warning that they may take heed, for in the event of an outbreak, the strong arm of the Government will not be laid lightly upon their devoted heads. Resistance to the laws and constitute authorities is now a dangerous business, and treason, both at home and abroad will be dealt with according to its merits. Let those who have been deceived into joining this nest of Copperhead traitors, and to follow after false gods like Stonefence JACKSON and some more that we might mention, leave them at once, and join heart and hand with their loyal fellow citizens, in the glorious work of restoring the Constitution and enforcing the laws. The time will surely come when the execration of the world will doom these dastardly, cowardly traitors to eternal infamy, and we would warm all men to beware of their serpent tongues, lest they lead you to do that which the repentance and tears of a life-time will never erase from the record of time. Loyal men, be on the alert; watch the movements of these men, and when the proper time comes, their doom is sealed. Be loyal to the flag of your country, be ever watchful over and jealous of her best interests, for it is the only hope of freedom for you and your children.

Date: September 19, 1863
Title: —The barn of Samuel Lensler, in Allison Prairie , Ills.,

The barn of Samuel Lensler, in Allison Prairie , Ills., was destroyed by fire on Saturday night last. Mr. K. was an uncompromising Union man. The burning of his property is supposed to be the work of some of his political enemies.