Saturday, January 24, 2015

Church of the Brethren Book

How are Marilyn Monroe, Willie Nelson and Winston Churchill associated with Lawrence County?  Find out at the program Monday Night  7:00 at the Museum!  You don’t want to miss this one!

Our researchers have found an on-line book about the history of the Church of the Brethren in Southern Illinois (Church of the Brethren in Southern Illinois by Minnie Buckingham, published 1950.)   It includes background on the religion, histories of several congregations, including The Allison Church of the Brethren on page 62 and a couple biographies that pertain to Lawrence County--Durward Hays (page 228) and J H Jellison on page 238.  

We are also offering a special price on a genealogy Book that we have in stock. This genealogy, titled The Catt Family, details the descendants of Michael Katz, Jr., (born c 1720) and his wife Anna Maria Mohr (born c 1722) including the related families of Alexander, Anderson, Atkinson, Ballard, Barekman, Barlow, Beckes, Bedell, Black, Blessinger, Butler, Cardinal, Carpenter, Cathey, Caton, Chesser, Clemens, Cott, Courtright, Crane, Crow, Decker, Devore, Early, Enott, Fear, Fettinger, Fithian, Frederick, Glass, Glascock, Goodman, Gray, Greentree, Hayes, Hardison, Johnson, Kimmons, Koontz, Knight, Lindy, McAtee, McCormick, McKew, McKnight, Mason, Maurer, Martin, Mays, Messel, Minor, Moore, Myers, Morgan, Neff, O'Brien, Pea, Pollard, Purcell, Robb, Roderick, Sappenfield, Scribner, Selby, Short, Simpson, Smith, Stewart, Stillwell, Sullivan, Thomas, Traylor, Walker, Waltz, Westfall, Williams, Willis, Wheeler, Woodry, Wyatt, and many many more who lived mainly in Columbiana County, Ohio; Gibson, Hancock, Henry, Knox, and Pike Counties, Indiana; Clay, Jasper, Lawrence and White Counties, Illinois; and Cole and Saline Counties, Missouri. Written by Dr. W. Cary Anderson, Indexed by Irene (Catt) Black. Published in 1989 by Dr. Anderson.   For a limited time only $25.00 new (was $45) Order from the website or stop by the Black Library 2-4 on Tuesday and Thursdays.