Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Capt. Parker sent to Lawrence County to Arrest Copperheads

Rick Kelsheimer mentioned in his book, South Union, that there was a troop of Union soldiers stationed near Flat Rock to keep the peace caused by the Copperheads in this part of the country.  There is no doubt from the research J. King has being doing, that Lawrence County was in conflict.

Publication: WEEKLY VINCENNES GAZETTE         ( Ed: Not a southern sympathizer newspaper)
Date: December 17, 1864
PERSONAL.—Captain Parker, who is in command of a company of Wisconsin soldiers, across the river called on us on Tuesday last. The captain is much of a gentleman and is a fine and brave officer. He has been doing provost duty for the last few weeks in the counties of Lawrence and Crawford, Illinois, and during that time has brought to grief quite a number of deserters, absentee conscripts and rebel sympathizers, some of the latter fleeing from their homes against the day of wrath, who are still secreted in the woods, not feeling it safe to return while the vicinity is infested with Captain Parker and his men. "Go for 'em" Captain, say we.

Date: December 17, 1864
A SKEDADDLE.—On Friday last, some half dozen Sons of Liberty took up a position in the vicinity of Lagow's Farm, Lawrence county. Ills., with the determination of chastising anyone who ventured on the premises dressed in the Federal uniform.— Captain Parker, hearing of the threats made by these butternuts took a small squad of his men and started on a reconnaissance, in order to ascertain the ground and the extent of their fortifications; but on the approach and the sight of the boys in blue, the whole party skedaddled for the woods, leaving as a trophy one of their caps with a butternut emblem attached thereto. The captain fired some six shots at the party, but they were too far out of the reach of a pistol to inflict any injury on them.

The Jasper Weekly Courier" of Jasper, IN - 17 Dec 1864, pg 3. Arrest and Rescue
On Saturday last, a squad of soldiers, belonging to a company which has been quartered upon the people of Lawrence and Crawford counties, Ill, for a week or two (for what reason is only known to the initiated) arrested in this city and incarcerated in jail a Dr. Jackman, charged with disloyalty, recruiting for the rebels, being a Son of Liberty, &c, who resided in Allison Prairie for several months and who as far as we have heard, maintained a good reputation with all his acquaintances. 
On Tuesday night, about 11 o’clock, someone knocked at the door of Sheriff LaHue, at his residence connected with the jail, and as soon as the door was opened a party of seven men, masked and otherwise disguised, rushed upon the officer, took from him the keys and after having rescued Jackman, forced the Sheriff into the jail hall, and turned the key upon him.   Before he was released, Jackman and his friends were out of sight, and nothing has since been heard of them.

(Ed Notes: The researchers are still trying to determine how Capt. Parker had the liberty to cross the Wabash into Knox Co, Indiana which was certainly in another Provost Marshall District, not the one for the 11th Congressional District of Illinois    There is also some confusion about whether the paper misprinted the name of Dr Jackman, or whether they meant Dr Jackson who bought the Dubois Hill property from the Heirs of Touissant Dubois and later sold to the Robeson’s. There is more to follow this week about Sheriff LaHue and Wm Lagow.) 
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