Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Life of Women in Lawrence County during the Civil War

Mrs. Frances J. Warner’s obit tells the story of the Lawrence county women during the Civil War.
 “ Frances Jane was born on April 12, 1830 to Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson, pioneer citizens of Allison Prairie,  Lawrence County. Her father was the son of Chas. and Fanny Nolan who came to the frontier from Chillicothe, Ohio and purchased land on the prairie in 1814. Her mother, Jane, was the daughter of John Richardson of Covington, KY and Jane Buchanan of Buchanan, Pa. 

On March 15, 1853 she married George W. Warner, a neighboring land owner two years her senior, who was then a student of Centre College at Danville, Ky.  His father, John Warner of Culpepper County, Virginia had died in 1838.  Two children were born, Alice Jane (Bennett) and Leonidas, both of whom survived her.  In 1857 Mr. Warner (at age 29 years, 4 mo, and 9 days) died and left the care of the farm and two children to his widow. 

When the war came and the border  states were drained of men, Mrs. Warner operated the farm with the help of her two small children and but one field hand, doing the work of a man herself.  When the hired man was drafted into the army in the latter part of the war, she and her children continued to put out the crops and harvested them with what help they managed to find.  During her later life she suffered from a nervous disorder traceable to the hard work and exposure of this period.”

Frances Jane died shortly before midnight September 1, 1913 and although she is probably buried beside her husband George in the old section at Centerville, no tombstone marks her grave.