Thursday, December 18, 2014

Plank Road

The Plank Road is identified with the early  history of Illinois and is one of the pioneer highways of the State. Several postings have been made about this plank road between Vincennes and Lawrenceville including a description of how it was constructed.  (Use the search button and the word "plank road' to review these on this blog site.) 

In September of 1850  Henry D. Wheeler, local contractor and mill operator, supervised the construction of  the road, but eight years later the road was in trouble. 

Date: July 28, 1858

MORE TROUBLES FOR THE PLANK ROAD COMPANY.—"The Vincennes and Lawrenceville Plank Road Company is certainly afflicted with more than the ordinary ills that corporations are heir to. It is without money, in debt, sued in two courts, their road is held by judgments, and is "down at the heel" and in public estimation generally, but still, as if misfortune "had marked it for her own," it seems destined to a still "lower deep." J. B. Watts, Esq., of Lawrenceville, brought intelligence yesterday that the bridge belonging to this Company, across the Embarrass river, had fallen in. So it goes."

In August the Stockholders of the Lawrenceville Plank Road Company meet in the city and agreed to pay the  voluntary assessment of 12 ½ % on capital stock for the liquidation of the debt amount to approximately $1,800.

Six years later.....

Date: July 30, 1864

BRIDGE OVER EMBARRASS.—The Board of Supervisors of Lawrence county, Ill., at their session on Monday passed an appropriation of $7,000 to build a bridge across Embarrass river . This is an important improvement and will be of great advantage to the trade of our own city.

(Ed Comment:  So was there no bridge over the river until then......)